Advocacy Campaigns: Garment Workers

Join the worldwide coalition of Christian churches as we put pressure on retailers and campaign for the rights of garment workers in Bangladesh.

An ecumenical advocacy pack to press for the rights of garment workers in Bangladesh has been produced by the Anglican Alliance, in partnership with a new global coalition of churches who form the Church of Bangladesh Group.

It calls on Christians in developed countries, who benefit from the cut-price clothing produced in Bangladesh, to put pressure on retailers. And it provides a model letter to send to shops.

The toolkit for advocacy provides an action plan for the garment workers campaign, and real-life stories from workers in Bangladesh.

Bringing together churches from all walks of the Christian faith, the coalition have come together to urge the call for action for justice in the retail and garments industry.

The members of the group include:

  • Anglican Alliance
  • Church of Bangladesh
  • Church Mission Society
  • Church of Scotland
  • Council for World Mission
  • Diocese of Llandaff
  • Methodist Church in Britain
  • Oxford Mission
  • Us

You can read our resource pack by clicking on the download on the right hand side of this page, and write a letter to your retailers pressing for change.

If you would like any further information on how you can get involved, please