Advocacy Campaigns: Climate Change

Climate change is not just an environmental problem. It is a humanitarian and development emergency, and it is already affecting vulnerable communities worldwide.

And unfortunately it’s going to get unimaginably worse. It’s a hard fact to face but our planet is on course for devastating climate change. Scientists warn that the steps governments are taking at the moment are not bold enough to change the future.

But there is hope – if we act now. As people of faith, we believe that climate change is a moral issue. People like us who follow Christ can play an important part in calling world leaders to decisive action and taking action in our own lives.

#Jars4Journeys 2018

Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal, Eco-Congregation Ireland and the Representative Church Body are joining forces to promote the Lenten Initiative #Jars4Journeys

The Idea:

We are inviting people to save an old jam jar or other recyclable container and every time they make a journey that is not by foot or by bike, they can donate to offset the impact of their carbon footprint. The money raised will go towards three conservation projects around the world that support and help build resilience in communities that are most affected by climate change.  Bishops’ Appeal and the RCB are match-funding the first €1000/£1000 raised.  Join us this Lent in being mindful of the impact of our lifestyles on others and on the planet.

The Resources:

Download all the information on the projects being funded and get your Jam Jar labels from the Resources on the right hand side of this text.