Food, water and shelter are just some basic essentials many of us take for granted. Life is different for more than one billion people who try to live on less than US$1 a day and for those who are at the wrong end of growing inequality in rich countries. Many lack enough food to eat, rarely have access to clean water and may not have the security of a safe roof over their heads.

Bishops’ Appeal works through its partners to help some of those living in the poorest parts of the world improve their lives. It does this by supporting projects that improve food production and living conditions. Training in agricultural techniques and providing secure shelter contribute to achieving these aims.

Examples of recent projects funded by Bishops’ Appeal in this area are:

  • Ongoing support for Self Help Groups that set up saving schemes and subsequent loans for livestock for communities in Ethiopia.  These are enabling people to survive famine and drought.
  • Cassava production for subsistence farmers in Kenya.
  • Rainwater harvesting in rural communities in Uganda.
  • Soya farming cooperatives in Togo.
  • A farmers’ garden for displaced indigenous people in Argentina.
  • Agricultural training for subsistence farmers in Honduras.