Sustainable income generation for vulnerable women in DRC


CMS DRCThis education project is a continuation of a project previously funded by Bishops’ Appeal.

In 2014, Bishops’ Appeal provided a £10,409 grant to establish a women’s centre and train 20 women in sewing, knitting and micro enterprise. The Diocese is now keen to establish follow up support for the women already trained. This education project is the next step in these 57 women moving away from dependency and gaining real control over their lives and future. It aims to resource women with the machines and tools for an interim period, during which they can build up enough personal funds to purchase their own resources. They will work together in nine geographically described groups in order to build their skills, establish an income generation stream and receive further management skills training.


  1. To establish nine structured groups of trained women for post training support
  2. To ensure trained women have the resources to establish their income generation project in their locality
  3. To provide ongoing support for sustainability of personal income from new skills