Bishops’ Appeal Lent Resources 2022

Here, the ‘What’s in your hand’ children’s resource is specially designed for the Down and Dromore Lent Appeal which sees Bishop David and a team from the diocese partner with Bishops’ Appeal and cycle 350 miles around the diocese to raise vital funds for two projects – Christian Aid in Honduras and Tearfund in Jordan.

Down & Dromore Big Bike Ride ‘What is in your hand?’ Children’s Syllabus

Down & Dromore Big Bike Ride Additional Fact Sheet and Quiz Sheet


Join Bishops’ Appeal this Lent to focus on what we have rather than on what we lack, and together to use what we have to make a difference.  A Children’s Ministry resource suitable for schools or Sunday Clubs that has a specific focus on a  Christian Aid climate change project in Honduras.

Bishops’ Appeal Lent ‘What is in your hand?’ resource


Here, the ‘What is in your hand’ resource is kept generic to allow you to focus on a project of your choice whilst exploring justice issues and the Church’s response:

‘What is in your hand?’ syllabus stand alone



Advent Newsletter 2021

Bishops’ Appeal Advent Newsletter

Here we highlight some of the vital work Bishops’ Appeal has funded over the past year and the potential for even more good work to be achieved, with your help, in 2022.

The newsletter highlights relief work began in 2020 and then continued on into 2021, where longer term supports were needed.  We believe in targeting need, whether or not we are hearing about it in the media.

The newsletter focuses on less than a third of all projects funded throughout the year and so is but a snapshot of what has been achieved through Church of Ireland support.

We are grateful for the generosity of heart of those who donate to support the mission and vision of what we do as we follow Christ and serve those who feel forgotten and in despair.

Access it here: Bishops’ Appeal Advent Newsletter

Limerick and Killaloe Mission Sunday Diocesan Link Project

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Limerick and Killaloe Mission Sunday Focus, which is being directed towards the work of Bishops’ Appeal.  Together, we are funding a Christian Aid project in Southern Ethiopia.

Mission Sunday Poster: Limerick and Killaloe Mission Sunday Focus

Mission Sunday Video: Mission Sunday Video Supporting Bishops’ Appeal 2021









































Christian Aid in Ethiopia

Christian Aid has worked in Ethiopia for more than 30 years, initially responding to emergencies, but gradually building long-term development programmes.

To get a sense of their ongoing work and the impact it has had on communities lives, be they parents and/or pastoralists, visit:
Ethiopian woman with baby

Bishops’ Appeal Funding Allocations June – September 2021

Thank you to everyone who responded so generously to our Covid Appeal and to our India Appeal and now to our Haiti Appeal.  We have allocated thousands over the past three months to programmes targeting extreme hunger as a result of Covid, or returns to school for the most vulnerable girls in communities in the Global South or emergency frontline responses to the second wave of Covid in India and now to the earthquake in Haiti.

Alongside these specific appeals, we have, with your help, continued to support communities in the areas of disaster relief, education, health and rural development.  These have included supporting people displaced due to conflict, building resilience and training for communities hardest hit by climate change, as well as the provision of water in communities where access to water and sanitation is simply not in place.  And there have been even more.  We are so grateful for your support in uncertain times and for the legacies that have underpinned many of the projects funded at a time when we thought we would be turning projects away due to low funds.

Here is an outline of programmes funded since June:

June funds released:
  • Humanitarian aid released to Tearfund to support internally displaced people due to the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia.  Food, hygiene kits, blankets, tarp, medical supplies.
  • Funds were released from TKA diocesan link project to Water Drops, an agency working in remote parts of Kenya to deliver reliable, clean water sources.
  • Our Covid India Appeal received a generous response and funds continued to be released to MSF and Asha, both frontline agencies responding to the 2nd wave of Covid there.  Asha was also supported by parishes who had visited their projects just before the Pandemic and Bishops’ Appeal added significantly to their fundraising efforts.
  • More funds were released to Christian Aid for their response in Beirut.  Although media attention is no longer on Beirut, the rebuilding after the explosion continues as does the community development work long established by partner agencies there.
  • Funds were released to SAMS in Bolivia who are supporting people who lost livelihoods due to Covid and are providing training in new skills to help people earn incomes and improve their mental health.
  • Funds were released to Fields of Life ‘I am a Girl’ project.  This is a long standing funding allocation for Bishops’ Appeal as more schools receive additional latrines and wash stations for girls to have privacy when menstruating so they can continue to come to school. Education on child rights is also provided and programmes such as school gardens are developed to ensure the children get a meal in school.
  • Funds were released to support a Model Farm in DR Congo through CMS Ireland.  This will bring together women and vulnerable youth, train them in improved agricultural skills and use the funds from the crops grown to sustain and expand on these types of programmes run by the diocese.
  • Funds were released to Habitat for Humanity to support two villages in Malawi get access to water via boreholesand to eradicate open defecation by increasing latrines, rainwater harvesting and hygiene education.
  • Funds were released for mobile health clinics in Bangladesh via USPG, supporting vulnerable people who live remotely and cannot take time off as day labourers to attend clinics far away, to receive medical attention.  The programme also provides financial supports for those who need to attend a hospital for treatment.
Total Funds released in June: €38,916 and £30,256
September funds currently being released:
  • Tearfund were allocated funding for a food provision and seed distribution programme in ethiopia.  As crops failed due to lack of rain, food prices soared.  Provision of food to prevent starvation and then seeds and agricultural training in conservation farming, as well as a focus on engaging women and men to work together in these efforts are all part of this programme.  The funds were match-funded by another donor.
  • Christian Aid received funding for improving health and resilience for communities in Ethiopia who are being hit by crisis after crisis.  This is a multi-faceted programme.
  • Funds were released from the Haiti Appeal to Christian Aid and Habitat for Humanity for their responses after the earthquake.  Homes they built in 2016 did not collapse, even as others around them did.
  • Funds were also released to Christian Aid from the CCRD diocesan link project ‘Making the Most of Maize’ as well as from our Lenten focus #Connect4Creation.
  • Christian Aid also received substantial funds for their Global Hunger Appeal directed to their targeted Covid responses in India.
  • Funds were released to CMS Ireland for the diocese of Goma and the rebuilding of schools after the devastation of the volcanic eruption in May.
  • Funds were released to Self Help Africa to reduce hunger and malnutrition for families with small holdings in Teso, Uganda.
  • Funds were released to Fields of Life for their ‘I am a Girl’ project in two more primary schools.
Total funds allocated in September: €80,750 
(Note: we received a high volume of euro applications but also had a euro legacy to allocate, which meant some sterling projects were supported in euro where the agency also has a euro bank account.)

Bishops’ Appeal Emergency Covid Response in India

The Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal has released €10,000 (equivalent to around £8,600) in emergency funding to support two frontline agencies responding to India’s second coronavirus wave: Asha, a Christian charity working in communities in Delhi; and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Donations in support of this appeal can be made online or by post using the reference ‘CIBA India Covid Relief’ and all details about how to contribute can be found at
Asha has committed supporters across the world and is well-placed to bring medical treatment

and to model good practice in terms of hygiene and face-coverings.
Asha’s founder, Dr Kiran Martin, who has worked in over 60 slum communities in Delhi for 25 years, has made an impassioned plea for support. The agency needs N95 masks and medical masks, nebulisers, pulse oximeters and thermal scanners, steroids and anti-coagulants, or the funds to purchase the supplies. Her team is treating people who present with Covid in their homes. Dr Kiran says: “Asha has instituted a protocol for home treatment of Covid patients with mild, moderate or severe disease. The situation with hospital beds and oxygen continues to be horrendous. We are treating severely ill patients with amazing success. I truly think it’s a miracle of God through willing and compassionate hands.”
Holywood Parish, outside Belfast, became associated with the charity almost 20 years ago and has sent a number of teams to visit two projects in the slums of Zakhira and Peera Garhi. The parish has funded building work for community centres and the creation, resourcing and staffing of IT centres. The work of Asha has also been embraced by many schools in Northern Ireland where young people have learned valuable life lessons.
Canon Gareth Harron, Holywood Parish’s Vicar, says: “When you visit an Asha centre in the slums of Delhi the values of the society – dignity, empowerment, justice etc. – are not displayed on posters on the walls; they are held in the hearts of the people who have embraced them. Asha means ‘hope’ and I had the privilege of seeing their hope-bringing work first-hand when I visited with a team from our parish in March 2020. We flew home just as the number of cases of Covid-19 began to rise in Delhi, not anticipating the crisis levels that have now been reached there. Having stood alongside the work of Asha for some years, we are grateful and encouraged that Bishops’ Appeal has pledged its support as we know this will bring relief to the poorest residents of Delhi.”
Médecins Sans Frontières has restarted its emergency response amid a surging second wave of Covid-19 in Mumbai, in Maharashtra state. The city’s population density, poverty, and poor hygiene conditions are a triple trigger for the virus to breed, infect and spread rapidly.
“This is the largest upsurge since the pandemic started,” says Dilip Bhaskaran, Covid-19 Co-ordinator for MSF in Mumbai. “MSF stands ready to further pace up its services in support of the health facilities that are currently completely overwhelmed.”
Among many other responses, MSF is supporting two units within a jumbo hospital in Mumbai. The units will include two tents with the capacity for around 1,000 intensive care beds in each.
Photo Caption:
Examples of Asha’s ministry in Delhi during the Covid-19 pandemic.

#Connect4Creation Lenten Focus

#Connect4Creation Muddy Bee Trails

Mother and Child Advent Appeal Talk

Listen to Education Advisor Lydia Monds share about the impact the Mother and Child supports will have on families in Nepal who don’t have access to food and are under threat of becoming malnourished.



Mothers’ Union 16 Days of Activism Prayer Diary

Join the Movement: MU 16 Days Prayer Diary


Mother and Child Advent Appeal

Thank you for your support of the work of Bishops’ Appeal in the most challenging of times.  Here is a link to our Advent Appeal aptly focusing and mother’s and babies, to ensure they get enough food, can give birth safely, have adequate shelter and can provide for their children in crisis situations.

Bishops Appeal Advent Mother and Child Appeal