South Sudan Update

In 2014, Bishops’ Appeal acted as a conduit for funds given to support people fleeing violence in South Sudan. At the time, CMS Ireland gave this update:

‘In light of the current crisis in South Sudan and in response to requests for help from our Global Partners there, CMS Ireland has launched an Emergency Appeal and would ask both for your prayers and for your generous financial support.

The political unrest that has escalated in the past weeks has resulted in thousands of deaths and whole communities fleeing their homes to see refuge. We have been receiving regular updates from our Global Partners in South Sudan – the Dioceses of Maridi, Yei, Ibba and Kajo Keji. The stories emerging are heart breaking with so much loss of life in the northern areas and in Juba, and so many people fleeing their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. The breaking up of communities only so recently trying to establish themselves is so sad to see. People are becoming refugees again in the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, camps which were emptying are now beginning to fill again.

We have heard that in Maridi over 80 families of displaced people have sought shelter in the cathedral area with more expected, and in Yei Diocese, displaced people are being directed to the UN compound for safety but the diocese has committed to provide funding to help support them. Ibba is also experiencing an influx of people. Bishop Justin, Bishop Hilary and Bishop Wilson have all asked if CMS Ireland are able to send emergency funding to purchase food, bed sheets, blankets, jerrycans, cooking oil, medicines. etc. CMS Ireland is responding to the situation in South Sudan and to these specific requests in two ways:

We would ask you to please pray…

  • For Bishop Hilary of Yei, Bishop Justin of Maridi, Bishop Wilson of Ibba and Bishop Poggo of Kajo Keji and their congregations as they seek to provide sanctuary and basic necessities to those fleeing violence in the conflict areas and arriving destitute in need of help
    • For an effective ceasefire to be agreed and implemented
    • For a satisfactory political solution to this crisis that establishes a new way forward and that lays a new and much stronger foundation for a stable and effective government.
    • For the hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected – families decimated, children orphaned, homes destroyed, villages emptied, ill-equipped hospitals and clinics overcrowded, dwindling supplies of food, water, fuel and other basic necessities.
    • For a healing of the lost hope that this has caused throughout the nation
    • Leaders in a number of towns have worked hard and successfully to keep their people calm. Give thanks for this and pray that it continues and spreads as examples to others.
    • For a way to break the cycle of violent “revenge” inter-ethnic attacks – which are being manipulated for political gain.


Financial Assistance

Emergency provisions for a family of 8 for 2 weeks costs £100/€120: This will provide provide: food, jerrycans, cooking pots, blankets and medical care.
£5/€6 can provide 1 blanket
£8/€10 can provide maize meal for a family for a week
£15/€18 can provide beans for a family for a week


In August 2016, United Nations released figures showing that half of the population of South Sudan are grappling with severe food insecurity.