USPG Sermon and Prayer Focus for July 12th, 2020


Helen sifting beans produced as part of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines’ Receivers to Givers scheme in her house in Jayhan, near Bugnay, Tinglayan municipality, Kalinga Province, the Philippines

Bishops’ Appeal supported the USPG Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.

In this sermon, the Bible readings help draw out the experiences of Indigenous people in the Philippines, who are trying to survive the Pandemic and human rights abuses, but it also highlights the response of the Church, which is speaking out against injustices and responding in practical and loving ways, even though it is dangerous to do so.

The video of the sermon is here:

The script of the sermon is here: Seeds soil and solidarity – USPG Sermon for July 12

And a prayerful meditation on mining in the Philippines can be found here: