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Still time to give to our Advent and Christmas appeal

On behalf of the Bishops’ Appeal Committee, we want to say a sincere thank you to all those individuals and churches who have already supported our Advent and Christmas appeal for those impacted by the war in Gaza and those supporting the many thousands of displaced people across the Middle East. If you haven’t yet […]

Displaced but not forgotten

The Advent and Christmas Appeal launched by the Church of Ireland’s Bishops’ Appeal for World Aid and Development, in the last days of November, focuses on the desperate situation in the Middle East.  No-one will be surprised by this – we only have to watch news updates on our TV screens, or news apps on […]

Bishops’ Appeal announces Advent and Christmas Appeal 2023

The Bishops’ Appeal Advent and Christmas Appeal for 2023 is focussed on supporting those who are in great need in the Middle East. The Holy Lands, the lands where Jesus himself lived and worked and worshipped. Where he demonstrated God’s love, compassionate kindness, and saving grace through his sacrificial death on the Cross for all […]

Bishop Michael Burrows’ peregrination raises funds for Burundi and Madagascar women’s projects

Bishops’ Appeal warmly welcomes the support of Bishop Michael Burrows in his peregrination around the dioceses of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe this month and early December.  When he visits every church building in the diocese, he will be collecting donations towards two projects he has chosen to support through Bishops’ Appeal. The first is in […]

Emergency aid for victims of the floods in Libya

We are so grateful to the individuals and parishes who have responded so generously to our appeal for emergency aid for the victims of the floods in Libya, which devastated so many homes and families in September. So far, we have been able to designate over €17,000 (equivalent to £14,800) from Bishops’ Appeal to be […]