Growing Trees in Tanzania to target issues of poverty, hunger and climate change

Sikitu Manyanda with an Acacia tree at the training.

When a legacy or memorial gift is given to Bishops’ Appeal it can make a difference in one of two ways.  Either through an emergency response to a disaster, when it will enable Bishops’ Appeal to release an immediate grant of 10,000 euros for urgent medical and welfare aid.  Or by providing a development grant to make a lasting change in places where it can help make a difference for the long term.

Here is an example of how donations to Bishops’ Appeal have led to Acacia and Fig Tree nurseries being established in 12 villages in Tanzania, through a grant to Feed the Minds last year.

Feed the Minds partnered with SOCODEE to established Acacia and Fig tree nurseries in 12 villages in Bariadi and Magu Districts, and run training on environmental management and income generating activities to support 1,776 women.

Overall, a total of 52,895 Acacia and Wild Fig saplings were distributed to 1,147 women from across the 12 villages. Each woman received approximately 25 saplings, enough to start a small nursery which will enable farmers to increase their produce and the improve the environment as they will protect water areas around their farms.

Debora Posiani with the goat which she received as part of the project.

As well as the tree nurseries there were women who learnt about rearing and keeping goats, and others who were trained in smokeless stove construction or briquette making – not only enabling them to increase their incomes but also reduce their reliance on harmful indoor open-fire cooking.

The project addressed the compounding problems of low agricultural productivity, high levels of hunger and food insecurity, and poor environmental management in Tanzania.

If you would like to make a donation to Bishops’ Appeal general funds in memory of a loved one, it will create a lasting legacy by changing the lives of those most in need around the world.