Get Involved in the Covid-19 Response

Mothers’ Union members are busy supporting each other, their neighbours and their local health centres as well as patients in hospitals at this time.  If you are a sewer, knitter or crocheter, these simple ideas are fantastic ways to show love and support at this time.

We pray that every item from face coverings to laundry bags to knitted hearts will bring a sense of peace and love and connection to those who receive them.

A simple video for making a drawstring laundry bag is here:

This allows healthcare workers to put their scrubs/uniforms in a bag straight away and then wash at 60 degrees.


For ICU patients or people in Nursing Homes or simply a small gift to let someone know you are thinking about them here are two love heart patterns.  The idea is that you knit/crochet two hearts: 1 for the person who is sick or dying and the other for a family member so they can feel connected to their loved ones even when they are not with them.  Staff have said it has helped them support the families of people who are in End of Life Care, bringing comfort and easing distress.

Covid Knitted Hearts for ICU

Covid Hearts crochet for ICU






Some people can be a bit forgotten at this time, for example, people who are giving birth and not able to have the same supports as before.  Here is a lovely baby bag for new parents as you always end up with twice as much stuff when leaving the maternity hospital as when you arrived.

(Courtesy of ‘Made with Love’ Pattern Book, 2nd Edition, Mothers’ Union, Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough















Here is a step by step guide for making a simple face covering. The Mothers’ Union uses the word ‘covering’ to distinguish from professional healthcare masks.

They recommend that cotton is used as opposed to polycotton.  They also highlight that the elastic may need to go around the back of the head for glasses wearers.






















And finally, we are familiar with the powerful Mothers’ Union Prayer Shawl.  The Mothers’ Union believes that God is present in our handiwork.  As they knit the prayer shawl they spend time thinking of and praying for the person who will receive the shawl.  It is particularly needed now to wrap people in love, especially those who are vulnerable, bereaved, suffering, or burnt out.