Basking in the Hope born of Resurrection Glory

During Lent we took time to lay down all the things that blinkered us and shielded us from seeing the poor.  We took time to look and see the walls we had built around us – walls of security and comfort – that hid the truth of the other from us.  We recognised that these things had prevented us from loving our global neighbour well and so we engaged in the costly and difficult task of tearing down that which divided and separated.  Then, free from the build up of material constraints and prejudice, we turned to face the poor again, ready to listen well and to serve them as we serve Christ.

After the pain of Easter week marked with struggle, loss, confusion and grief, we move to bask in the light of resurrection: new life, new hope, new beginnings, a love that is stronger than death.  This brings with it a sense of hope when surveying a suffering world warped by injustices.  The victory of Jesus over death announces the possibility that suffering can be overcome and the Kingdom can be released in situations of impossible hopelessness.  There is much to do.  But because of the resurrection, we know that it is not in vain.